“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” – Sir Edmund Hillary 

If you are planning your outdoor adventure in Romania, look no more!

Thanks to the presence of the wild Carpathian mountains, our country is perfect for easy and long hikes as well. Romania’s mountains are a paradise for hiking lovers. From easy trails to rugged ridges, the possibilities of hiking in Romania may keep you here for weeks, maybe even for months!

Make your way through the unspoiled alpine meadows, pristine forests, ice cold waters and narrow gorges and canyons. If you like something more demanding, we know some really steep but spectacular ridges. Some of these routes require a very good fitness level, so make sure you know your limits!

We are working with experienced mountains guides and your safety is our priority. If you don’t find any tour suitable to you here, contact us and we’ll customize a tour for you!