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  • Customised tour was perfect
    My wife and I travelled across Europe by train to Romania to go bear watching to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We wanted to make this part of our trip special, and as I was unable to find a tour that matched our requirements I reached out to NeoTour (Outdoor Holidays is the incoming brand of NeoTour Travel Agency). A custom private tour itinerary was proposed, and met our requirements perfectly – picking us up from Cluj, and giving us a chance to explore some incredible towns and villages, whilst learning about the history and culture of the places we were visiting on the way to our bear watching trip. Our guide Anne was exceptional, full of knowledge, which she skilfully imparted to us, without overwhelming us, but always with new information to share when we were ready. We also learned a lot about the more recent history of Romania, which we had observed from afar. We really wish we could have taken Anne with us for the rest of our trip, as she was a great companion and added so much to the things we saw. This part of holiday adventure was perfect, and will remain in our hearts and memories forever. Thank you!

  • Wow, this was such a wonderful experience! I was with 3 friends and we were led by our guide Irina. During the drive to the bear hide which is about an hour/hour and a half from Brasov she shared sooo much information about the bears and their habitat and behaviour. It was awesome to learn so much from someone who obviously very passionate about bears. Once we were in the hide we saw so many bears! At one point there were 3 bears, 1 female and 2 males. It was really amazing, one of my dreams of seeing the brown bear in the wild came true! (Rachelle- Bear watching experience near Brasov)

  • Highly recommended!! Irina was a great guide, very kind and helpful. She is very knowledgeable about bears and she happily shared with us everything we needed to know about this fascinating animals. As scary as the idea of a trip like this might sound at first, the experience is completelly safe. We really enjoyed it! ( Maria-Luisa Chas-Amil –  Bear watching experience near Brasov)

  • Did a few tours with this company, a private tour was requested which involved a long drive to Corvin Castle and Deva Fortress, the driver was Cristian who was excellent driver with lots of information. Also did some Bear Watching with Robert Lazar has my guide which was also excellent, good day round st ana Lake , the smelly cave, a distillery and then onto Bear Watching at 5pm another Great Day. Also did a Great Hike with Radu to OMU Peak and the Sphinx is definitely worth a visit. I also paid up front for my trips so this company turned out to be someone you can trust. Will use again – 5 Stars (Wayne Chapman)

  • In Brasov different bear watching options were offered and it took me a lot of time to sort them out. And in the end we were very happy that we chose the “Bear watching in the Land of Volcanoes” experience.
    Communication with the guide already started before the tour which ensured a smooth pick up. We were positively surprised that we were the only three persons in the group. The car and driver were excellent.
    Our guide Irina entertained us on our 1 1/2 hour trip to the bear hide with nice facts about bears and life in Romania in general. She is not only very knowledgeable, but also a nice person.
    After arriving at a parking lot, we hiked for a few minutes with some other groups and an armed ranger to the bear hide. Irina made sure we got the best seats in the house.
    The bear hide was great: as the hide is on ground level, the bears can come close to the windows. We were lucky to see three of them during our excursion (although we know that this is not guaranteed because wildlife is always unpredictable).
    We fully recommend this tour for the great guide and excellent bear hide the tour visits! (Harry, his wife and daughter book Bear watching in the Land of Volcanoes)

  • We had a great tour with Robert. He is an excellent guide and told us every thing there is to know about mushrooms in Romania. We walked a few hours in a magical oat forest, and saw many kinds of mushrooms, identifying each one, which you must have a guide for that, because they all look very similar in the first look. Robert also told us a lot of other things about Romania’s nature, culture and history, which was fascinating. As a bonus, we went at the end to a boutique refinorie and had a unique experience. If you want to step out of the touristic Bubble for a moment, this tour is definitely for you. (Dan book Foraging in the wild – day trip from Brasov)

  • This was the first time we ever had a real educational tour about stargazing. Alex was so enthusiastic and inspiring while he taught us about the stars we couldn’t have asked for a better guide. We also learned how to navigate by the stars in case we ever got lost in the wilderness. If anyone has the opportunity to do this tour I would highly recommend it. One of out favourite things to do in Brasov.(Rhys book Journey among constellations, stargazing in Romania)

  • Amazing experience – well worth the money!                                               I booked this tour as many of the other tours required a minimum of two people to book and this did not. It is obviously more expensive than just the standard bear watching tours but it is well worth the extra money. Irina was incredibly knowledgeable about the bears and also Brasov and the other areas around. We visited the crater lake, peat bog, smelly cave before lunch. As a geography teacher, I am always going to be fascinated by this sort of stuff but Irina’s enthusiasm would make this an enjoyable experience for anyone, including those with no interest in geography! After lunch we visited some springs in the nearby town and also had time to go to a couple of beautiful churches. Finally it was time to see the bears and it did not disappoint! We met the park ranger, another tour guide and 2 more tourists. In total there was only 6 of us in the bear hide which made for a much more enjoyable and intimate experience than if the hide had of been full. We saw 3 bears in total, although I have heard that other groups have seen up to 10 at one time! The dominant male was keeping other bears away. Watching these magnificent animals for 2 hours was an absolute privilege and I could not have asked for anything more! The park ranger even fed us shots of pálinka while in the hide which made for an interesting walk back to the vehicles in a darkening forest with bears only metres away. I must say I never once felt uncomfortable or in any danger, thanks to Irina and the park ranger’s guidance and hospitality.
    Would defo recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see bears, but also wants to get a feel for Romanian geography, culture and the more rural towns and villages. Was fantastic doing it as a solo traveller but would be even better with a group.
    Very enjoyable day that I will not forget, Irina’s love and enthusiasm for the nature of the region shines through and id infectious! Thankyou Irina and the driver (I’m sorry I have forgotten your name!), I will maybe be back some day! (Joe took Day Trip & Bear Watching in the Land of Volcanoes)

  • Watching bears in the wild was a one of a kind experience which we will never forget. We were fortunate to see a mum and her two cubs and three separate male bears of different ages. Irina is very knowledgeable about the bears and shared interesting facts and stories with us during our drive and prepared us for the experience so we could know what to expect. The tour is operated with great sensitivity toward the bears. Only a little food is provided for them, just enough so they will come out but not enough so they come to depend on it. The focus is for the bears to remain in the forest and not come looking for food in the town where it would be dangerous for them. Beary impressive! (Teja took  Bear watching experience near Brasov)

  • The hiking was amazing… They piked us up on the Hostel in Brasov in the morning and we drove in 30 minutes to reach to the Craiului National Park.The hiking lasted 8 hours and we enjoyed one of the most beautiful places in the Carpathians.At the same time that we made the route, they provided us with historical, geological and botanical knowledge.

    100 % recommendable.

  • Irina and Alex are really greats! They have a big knowledge about the mountains also the tracking/having techniques… They helped me a lot to overcome my fears about walk on the rocks and climb! I really recomend! Next time I will observe the bears! (Day Trip to Piatra Craiului mountains & main ridge or optional routes, May 2019)

  • We thought we had paid to see the bears in the forest but in fact it turned out to be an action packed day full of adventure and surprises. Robert, our guide for the day, collected us at 9 am and firstly drove us to the frozen lake at Lake St Anna – stopping off to buy us refreshments on the way! Then we hiked a small hill to the stinky cave and back down to a fantastic restaurant. After lunch we set off to see the natural water springs and encountered a group of friendly Romanian guys who shared some of their home made wine! After cakes and pastries in a nice bakery we then set off to the woods to look for bears. Robert took us back to our hotel at 7.30 pm showing us some recommended restaurants and other places of interest on the return journey.

  • We’ve been to 57 countries and booked many day trips and this was without doubt the best value of them all. It was so reasonably priced yet we felt like first class passengers. Robert couldn’t have done more for us and nothing was too much trouble. The day was full of adventure and excitement and Robert kindly took a lot of photos for us and emailed them later. Brilliant memories. I’d recommend Neo Tours 100 times over.  (OutdoorHolidays ia a trademark of NeoTour Brasov travel agency). If I had a tour company I would want Robert working for me and heading it up! Thank you!

  • Very informative and interesting tour. The guide (Robert) was super friendly not only on the day of the tour, but through all of our visit to Romania. Would definitely recommend!/ Ilona Ladys (Bearwatching near Brasov, August 2018)

  • A very surreal experience watching the bears up close and personal and would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in bears and nature. The tour guide Robert was genuinely super friendly and was easy to talk to. During the tour he gave us many insights and even on the journey to and fro he was gave good information about the local area./Mark Barfoot (Bearwatching near Brasov, August 2018)

  • We had a wonderful time with Ianka and Bogdan cycling in beautiful Braşov scenery. The tour was challenging but if you are reasonably fit you can keep up. The off road cycling was particularly fun and it was great to see some traditional Romanian villages. We would definetly do this again. Also de bikes offered were really good quality! Highlight of our visit to Braşov! /Chelo Lutter-Paz (August 2018)

  • Knowledgeable & pleasant driver.
    Marius’ (our note: the guide) history of Romania was a real addition to our trip.

  • Vasile did a very good job as driving and making arrajaments for us. I was sorry I didn’t speak Romanian or German so we can communicate with him. Marius impressed me with his knowledge of Romanian history & competence on the hike.
    Really enjoyed our accommodation.
    Richard and Barbara took the Transylvanian Myth and History tour.

  • We just got back from our trip to Romania.
    I wanted to tell you how great the team of guides were that we were with. Radu, Mihai and Mr. Vasile were tremendous. Radu was excellent at explaining Romanian history and Mihai was a great hiking guide. It was the right mix of hiking and sightseeing and Mr. Vasile was always there to pick us up. They were all very professional but we feel like we got to know each of our guides in a personal and professional way. Since there were 6 of us we had the luxury of being slow hikers and the guides were very patient.
    It was a nice mix of hiking & a historical perspective of Romania. Mr. Vasile is an excellent driver, Radu a great historian & Mihai was wonderful at. (leading) us. I miss them already!
    Romania was a beautiful country and I hope we can make the trip back there again.
    Kathy Marcus (USA)  Kathy and five of her friends took a shorter, 8 days version of Transylvanian Myth and History 

  • Dear Outdoor Holidays,
    I would like to thank you for the great service you provided me during my short trip in Romania. I had particular objectives to achieve and only four days in which to do so. With the help of my guide and translator, Radu, my objectives were far exceeded. I have nothing but praises for his professionalism, and respect for his ability to communicate in a fashion that allowed me to enter personal and commercial environments with confidence and comfort. The man is a true asset to the field of tourism. Thanks again and I look forward to my next trip to Romania.
    Best regards from Boston,
    John Thomas (USA)

  • We have had an excellent holiday. This is mainly because your country has proved so wonderful, and because Mihai has been an excellent guide. His adaptability, patience and kind manner have meant we have been allowed appreciate Romania at all times.
    Thank to OUTDOOR HOLIDAYS and of all to Mihai. Sean Walsh (UK)
    Sean and his wife Louise took the Wildest Areas Circuit

  • “Hi, 
    Jane and I appreciate deeply the very special services and attention provided by you and your staff during our trip to your lovely country. Thanks so much for making our tour a most memorable experience.
    With warm wishes, Mikell”
    Mike Jones (USA)
    Mikell and his wife Jane visit Romania, on “Transylvanian Myth and History” ,   

  • One of our best trip ever.
    We enjoy the picnic lunches – the dinner at Sighisoara was great.
    We enjoyed the hikes.
    One of the best places was the guest house in Rasinari, we enjoyed sharing wine with them. We loved walking through the small village.
    Bran castle is great – a must.

  • Radu and Vasile where wonderful.
    We were kept just busy enough with hikes and sightseeing, and had some time on our own.
    The tour had a nice mixture of city, rural villages and mountain hikes.

  • Surprised by number of people who understand some English. Outstanding English of guide. Excellent ability of guide and driver to adopt to preferences and needs of tourists/travelers.
    Jonathan Lowe (USA) Enthusiastic yet !! A wonderful combination Laurentiu and Mr. Vasile, charming.
    Michelle Stencel (USA)
    Jonathan and Michelle visited Romania, on “Transylvanian Myth and History” 

  • Radu was a legend – very helpful and hardworking, always a gentleman. Had a great time. Shame it rained. Will be back and will recommend. Last days walking 5* ! Mr. Benedek – fantastic.
    Alice Munsey (UK)
    Very enjoyable holiday.
    Paul Munsey (UK) Village peoples lifestyle was quite interesting. I had a very good time with them.
    Masako Morrall Dan was as excellent driver and always willing to help.
    Denzil Alice, Paul and the three daughters took the custom made tour Alice in Wonderland, then come back with Masako & Denzil

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