OUTDOOR HOLIDAYS is a trademark of Neotour Brașov.

We are a licensed travel agency from Romania.

License number: 1225/25.02.2019

Insurance policy: BN / 000001747 valid from 23.02.2020 to 22.02.2021

We perform a special kind of tourism for a special kind of people which must be dynamic, tough and have a deep respect and understanding for pure nature itself, as well as for its ‘behavior’.

We have a young and enthusiastic team which is looking forward to welcoming you on Romanian ground just to show you a great way of mental recreation while keeping up your physical shape during your active holidays .

Our tour-guides have an experience of over 25 years with the Romanian Carpathian Mountains.


Cyclist riding a bike

Hi, I’m Radu! Well, luckily I was born in Ploieşti, only 60 Km away from the Bucegi Massif. I was grown up on the mountains as my first trips were done along with my parents at the age of three. Later on, I began hiking alone or with friends. I’ve been doing mountain tours since 30 years, but my passion for Bucegi Mountains remained intact all this years. I’ve done summer and winter tours in Parâng, Bucegi, Leaota, Piatra Craiului (King’s Stone), Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Baiului, Rodnei, Apuseni Mountains, Grohotiş, Ciucaş, Siriu, Ceahlău, Rarău, Giumalău, Bistriţei Mountains. Beside hiking, I’m a passionate mountain biker, always searching for new routes.  I’ve done climbing tours in Bucegi, where I was always looking for new opportunities. Moderate alpine valleys were my passion, but I also enjoy sports climbing, leading routes up to 7a.  

Lately I started experiencing new routes in the wildest zones of the Romanian Carpathians. Beside Romanian mountains, I climbed the French and the Italian Alps, Sweden’s highest peak – Kebnekaise or Huayna Potosi, a 6000m in South America. I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish. Since I’ve been “bitten by the bird-watching bug” few years ago, I spend some of my free time taking pictures of birds. When not hiking or rock-climbing, I’m probably gone with the wind: sailing or paragliding.


Dara Peak, Faragas Mountains

Hi,I’m Irina.

I began the trekking holidays along with my parents and my brother, Radu. I’ve done many tours in the Romanian Mountains (Bucegi,Piatra Craiului, Grohotis, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Ciucaş, Retezat, Apuseni, Făgăraș, Rodnei, Calimani) and outside Romania I climb Jebel Toubkal in Maroc, Mont Blanc in France, Korab in Macedonia.  

I am the operation manager of our agency and the “go to person” for accommodation in Romania, transportation, etc.


My name is Andreea, i’m a mountain girl born and raised in Brasov, the city in the very heart of the country.

What i love is biking, reading, coffee, the sea, enjoying life with my family and most of all i am an outdoor enthusiast. 

I love to travel and discover new places, I consider that new cultures and knowing a little bit of how people live across this wonderful planet are very inspiring.

And most of all, nothing gives me a fresher vibe then nature, green forests and vibrant mountains, hiking and feeling it to the very last cell.


If you have a solid knowledge of the Romanian trails and landscapes as well as of its flora and fauna, its traditions and history,  feel free to apply for upgrading our team!

If you’re thinking of an outdoor holiday, we look forward to finding out about your specific requirements .