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Romanian mountains are pretty well known for their ski resorts. But few people realize that from spring right through to autumn the Carpathians offer hundreds of miles of idyllically unspoiled alpine meadows, forests, lakes, rivers and secluded valleys, challenging mountain peaks.

That's why keen nature lovers from allover the world come to Carpathian Mountains, to hike, to do river-rafting, horse riding, to cycle or to see the Danube Delta while kayaking or birdwatching.

Romania has the biggest variety of wildlife in Europe, as well as the highest number of caves.

To put it in a nutshell, if you are addicted to adrenaline just grab your hiking gear and life insurance and come meet us. We take care of the rest of your outdoor tour.

You'll be connected to a small paradise of adventure through Europe's secret spots.

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Hiking tours are the core of our active holidays. Either combined with more activities or pure hiking, you’ll discover some of Europe’s best kept secrets

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Canoeing or kayaking, that’s how you enter the remote channels, where most of the motor boats cannot enter, that’s how you meet a pristine nature.

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You’re undecided between hiking, river-rafting, climbing or horse-riding. Now you don’t need a clone, you can just do them all, in a multi-activity tour.

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Few people know there are over 10 000 caves and natural cavities present in Romanian Mountains. We’ll take you through an amazing underground world, a world that open its beauties to curious eye.

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Romania has an impressive number of birds, with Danube Delta and Macin Mountains being the sanctuary of birds who stop here during their migration South, every year. You can see the White-tailed Vulture, the Curly Pelican or the Black Ibis.

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