If you’re wondering what to do in Brasov and in the surroundings, here are a few exciting things to do and places to visit during your stay in Transylvania.

Brașov is one of the most beautiful and most culturally diverse city in Romania, therefore it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Many times we are asked about things to do in Brasov and the surrounding area. While choosing the most interesting activities depend on the interests of everyone, here are some activities and places to visit in Brașov that we find interesting.

What to do in Brasov - Explore the historical city center
Brașov historical center

Here is our personal suggestion:

Day 1. On a two days tour start with visiting the city itself in the morning.
Start in the Main Square and here you have the Black Church, place of worship for the Lutheran community in the city. The church is the most important Gothic monument in Romania. Its construction started in late 14th century and finished late 15th century, soon after 1476. It was partially destroyed by a fire set in April, 21st 1689 by the Habsburg forces, during the Great Turkish War and was subsequently known as The Black Church.
With a good guide you can spend up to one hour in the Main Square, while understanding the history of the city and the buildings’ architecture.

Continue to Catherine’s Gate, the only entrance gate to the old town that is still standing. Go through it and go down Poarta Schei street. After about 100 meters, look right for a narrow street. That is Strada Sforii (Rope Street). With a width varying between 1.11 m. and 1.35 m., it is the narrowest street in Romania and third narrowest in Europe. Go see for yourself; you can touch both walls with your hands. Once on the other side, make sure you visit the small museum and cafe for nice souvenirs. Continue up Cerbului street until you reach the old wall. From here, to the left you have mount Tampa and the Weaver’s Bastion and on your right you can see the Black Tower on the hill. Continue right, then left under Schei Gate. You will reach the Tourist Information Center. Say hello from Neotour Brasov to the nice lady inside 🙂

If you want a thorough tour, make sure you go to Piata Unirii (Union Square) and visit the First Romanian School, a hidden gem of the city.

What to do in Brasov - Visit the First Romanian School
First Romanian School museum in Brasov

Also, make sure you don’t miss St. Nicholas church. On the way down, if it’s a hot day, enjoy the best ice cream in Brasov at Gelato Mania. Then if you want to meet us, come and pay us a visit on Politehnicii 3 street. We’ll give you recommendations on where to eat and spend quality time. Just outside our office, there is Simone restaurant, which we highly recommend, especially if you are looking for a vegetarian menu. If not, they have options for meat eaters as well. Other nice places to hang around and have a good meal and drinks are Tipografia, Bistro de l’Arte, Aftar Stube, Gratar Urban, La Ceaun, Dei Frati.

After lunch, burn those calories with an easy hike up the Tâmpa mountain. There are several routes available if you want to see the city from up there. For the lazy ones 🙂 , there is a cable car. You won’t miss it.

What to do in Brasov - Enjoy a fantastic sunset from the top of mount Tampa
Sunset over Brasov city from Tampa mountain

In the evening we recommend a bear watching experience near Brasov. There are many options available, one of them is in Tusnad area and it offers the best bear watching experience you can find in Romania, for the moment. We can arrange this at our office or simply give us a call or an email a few days before arriving in Brasov.

What to do in Brasov - attend a bear watching tour in the wild
Bear watching experience near Brasov

For the second day, you can either choose to see Prejmer Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, then a short bike ride around Brasov. Or if you are looking for something more demanding, a day hike to the nearby mountains. Or even a one day cycling tour in Brasov. There are endless possibilities to spend an entire day near Brasov,

Go on a cycling tour in the surroundings
Cycling on the hills that surround Brasov

And if now you have only two days, make sure your next visit is at least one week long.