I hereby declare the following:

– I am physically able and in a good state of health to participate to the mentioned event;

– I will respect all the guide’s/group attendant’s advice during the entire event, being responsible in case I will not follow the agreed itinerary and the group attendant’s advice.

– I have been informed and I fully understood the difficulty level of the itinerary, I have been informed about the necessary equipment/ gear for the event and about the transport to/ from the destination.

– I understand and I agree that the Travel Agency or the guide/ group attendant can modify the event schedule in case of: bad weather, injuries, accidents etc, the Agency’s priority being the safety of the participants.

– I have read all the documents of the touristic program and I acknowledge all the conditions necessary for participating in the contracted touristic program, which I undertake to comply.

– I understand to be held responsible for any damage (material or moral) that I may suffer, caused by my own fault and/ or resulting from underclared medical conditions or failure to comply with my obligations.

– I understand that the contracted program itinerary will take part on public roads and therefore, I will obey the country laws and I will not take drugs or other forbidden substances during the event.

– I will not perform any maneuver or gesture that might lead to injury to me or others in the group and I will exonerate the Agency from any liability in the event of injury to myself or others.

– I will respect nature and wildlife during the tour.

– I will have fun

For the bearwatching tour:

– I will not use perfume or other scents in the day of the bear watching tour.

– I will not bring any kind of food or snacks to the bear hide.

– I will respect the guide’s and ranger’s indications during the bear watching tour.

– I understand that the company cannot guarantee a 100% percentage of bear sightings, as these are wild and unpredictable animals that cannot be domesticated.