Rowing in Danube Delta

Pelican in the Danube Delta - Pelecanus Onocrotalus - bird watching in Romania

Area: Danube Delta
Level rate (for rowing): Easy – Moderate
Dates of departure: May – October, on demand.
Nr. of team members: 2 – 15
Trip duration (days): 6
Required gear: boots, a hat to protect from the sun, anti-mosquito solution, sun lotion, long pants and a long sleeves shirt, raincoat, sunglasses, swimming suit, water can, sweets, preferably mountain-biking gloves.
Accommodation: Guest-Houses in the Danube Delta
Weather conditions: Daytime temperatures should be in the range of 22-30ºC, maybe slightly cooler on the late August departure.
Transfer: We will use minibuses for transfer from Bucharest Airport to the Danube Delta and back. On request, if you have your own transfer, the tour can start in the city of Tulcea



The Floating Hotel in Danube Delta 

Welcoming the guests at the international Airport Bucharest Otopeni. Check-out, introduction and leaving the airport, heading directly to the Danube Delta.

15.00 – 21.00: Transfer by mini-bus from the airport Bucharest Otopeni to Tulcea city, the “gate to the Delta”. (300 km , 4 hours)

21.00: Welcome dinner on the floating hotel.

Accommodation: *** floating hotel

Day 2: Rowing in Danube Delta



Rowing in Danube Delta

  • Difficulty: moderate (*)
  • Rowing time: 2 – 6 hours, up to your physical shape.
  • Highlights: Bird-watching and, possibly, wild animals in the Danube Delta. The wild landscape of the Furtuna Lake.

09.00: having breakfast onto the floating hotel;
After breakfast we will leave with a bigger boat, engine powered, up to a smaller channel in the Danube Delta, where you can start the trip by rowing boats, joined by a guide. We’ll row until reaching Maliuc Village (on Sulina Channel), where we’ll stop for accommodation. The bigger boat (with engine) will protect you from the speeding boats and carry the entire luggage. Also, for members of the group that are less in a good physical shape could stay on the engine boat and take advantage of this for bird-watching & taking pictures of the birds.

Accommodation in Maliuc in ** conditions: private rooms, with private bathrooms, warm water, showers.

20.30: dinner, next day briefing;

Rowing on the Danube  


Rowing and bird-watching in Maliuc area – Danube Delta

  • Difficulty: It’s an easy – moderate day (depending on your wish and physical shape).
  • Highlights: The Furtuna Lake, one of the preferred fishing grounds by the white pelicans and cormorants

08.00: having breakfast on the floating hotel;
09.00: Rowing on Cranjala Channel up to Furtuna Lake, where we have good chances of seeing white pelicans (Pelecanus onocrotalus), and cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) feeding on the lake. The area is also used by thousands of other birds to rest or fish. Pigmy cormorants (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) are also common on the edges of this lake. 60% of the worlds population of pigmy cormorants lives in the delta. Mute swans, feruginous ducks, common teal, great crested diver, herons, egrets and many more consider the lake their home.The white tail eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) is known to hunt around the lake as well.

12.30: Backpack lunch in the middle of the nature;

Leisure time, walking on the shores of Sulina Channel;
20.30: dinner;

Accommodation: Maliuc, guest-house

Optional: bird-watching early in the morning, by the sunshine light.

  Pelecanus Onocrotalus  


Rowing in Danube Delta

  • It’s a moderate difficulty rowing tour
  • Rowing time: 2-6 hours, up to your desire
  • Sightseeing objectives: Gorgova Lake, smaller channels

08.00: breakfast;

By rowing boats, we will leave on smaller channels for Crisan Village, further on Sulina Channel while the bigge boat will join us carrying the luggage.

19.00- 20.00: Traditional dinner & accommodation in Crisan, *** guest-house.
20.00: Leisure time;


[wpspoiler name=”Day 5: More bird-watching in Danube Delta”]

Egrette. Egretta Garzetta  


Danube Delta rowing

08.00: have breakfast ;
In the morning we will explore the area surrounding Crişan and, after picnic lunch in the middle of the nature, the engine boat will carry us all the way to Tulcea, against the current. The night will be spent in Tulcea on the floating hotel (***) and have a festive dinner.

12:30 having backpack lunch

20:00 dinner on the floating hotel

Accommodation in Tulcea, *** floating hotel



Transfer to Bucharest (Otopeni Airport).

08.30: wake up ;
packing, etc.
9.00: shopping, short walk in Tulcea,
-leaving for Otopeni Airport, according to your flight timing.

Pelecanus Onocrotalus in Danube DElta

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