Praid salt mine – day trip from Brasov

A visit to the Praid salt mine in Romania is the perfect choice if you are tired of busy castles, overcrowded with tourists fighting for the best views. 

Situated about 150 kilometers from Brasov, Praid salt mine is built on one of the biggest salt deposits in Europe. The main cavern, situated at 120 meters below ground level, attracts thousands of tourists during the summer season. A lot of locals prefer this place as well and decide to visit the mine to get treatment. The salty air is highly beneficial, especially for the respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma and other related illnesses.

Praid salt mine - inside view

Besides treatment, people love this place for its unique looks and mysterious atmosphere. And because there is a constant temperature of 16°C all around the year, if you don’t like cold autumn days, this is the perfect place to relax.

When you are done with the salty air, just 30 minutes away, you can find the biggest statue of Jesus in Eastern Europe. Yes, we actually have built a 23 meter high metal structure that depicts Jesus, overlooking the surrounding villages and meadows from the top of a hill.

Heart of Jesus statue in Lupeni, Harghita county

The statue itself is quite new, built in 2011. But the fact that you can actually climb into it until the top makes it a must see place if you are in Romania. The view from the head, if you are lucky and there is good weather, is simply amazing. You can see miles away in each direction. If you are afraid of heights, you should probably stay at the base and admire this unique looking structure.

If you still have time, on your way back to Brasov you can visit the Racoș geological complex, consisting of a volcanic canyon, the basalt columns and the Emerald lake. It’s a 3 in 1 place and you can see them all in about one hour. Tip: the canyon has wonderful colors, especially early in the morning or at sunset. So, if you’re into nature photography, it’s a must. If you’re shooting weddings, it’s also an interesting place.

The volcanic canyon in Racos, Brasov

All in all, if peace is what you are looking for, go for this day trip. It will be a long day indeed, but the experience will definitely worth it.

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