Distillery tour – day trip from Brasov

Looking for a distillery tour near Brasov? Find out the secrets of “palinca” and “tuica” making in a 3 hour visit to two distilleries situated near Brasov.

If you are in Romania or want to visit this country, you must know some basic facts: we have good food and big portions. And what goes well with heavy food? Strong spirits.

Distillery tour - a glass of palinca

Tuica and palinca are two of the traditional drinks you can find in almost all restaurants around the country. There are many varieties of these two spirits. However, the taste is almost similar everywhere you go.

Situated in the center of Romania and surrounded by mountains, Brasov doesn’t really have a tradition in producing palinca. This didn’t stop two local producers from having to adapt to the market and new technologies, but keeping a touch of tradition in making these wonderful digestive drinks.

Distillery tour - copper boiler room

In this unique distillery tour – day trip from Brasov, you will have the chance to go behind the stage of two small distilleries that became famous in Romania and in the world, winning awards that would make even whisky companies jealous.

Distillery tour - distillery room

And because a good drink goes well with culture, you’ll also visit Prejmer citadel, a three star Michelin destination, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Prejmer fortified church

Or, if you like something more, you can choose to see the Szekler National Museum which presents the history of these places from ancient times to the modern era. Whichever option you choose, you will definitely have a good day, even if the weather is not so good.

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