Bison reserve day trip from Brasov

Rainy day in Brasov? Don’t worry, we have just the right tour for you. If seeing bisons in Romania is something unexpected for you, find out that they are closer than you think.

Just 40 kilometers away from Brasov, in the small village of Acriș, in Vama Buzăului commune, you can find the Bison Reserve. Opened in 2008, the reservation is home to several bisons that share the space with some roe deer and stags. In an area of about 12 hectares you can spot these majestic animals feeding or just spending their time walking around.


The last wild European bison was killed in 1919 in Poland and since 1965, this animal is considered an endangered species. Luckily, people have been working hard to reintroduce the bison in the wild again and currently, in Romania, there are plans to release more of them in the Carpathians.


After having a tour of the reserve, your next stop will be at Urlătoarea waterfall, situated in the forest, near the village. Considered one of the most beautiful places in Romania, this curtain of water flows down a steep hill, creating a sound that gives its name: Urlătoarea means ”the raging one”. After heavy rainfalls, the sound effect is even more predominant.


In the end, you will have a well-deserved lunch at a local household. Your hosts will prepare a three course meal from local organic products. Taste the palinca – our national drink – and enjoy quality time in the courtyard.

If you’re looking for something sweet, the hosts will show you their cellar where they usually keep home made jams and spreads made from hand-picked fruits and forest berries. We fell in love with that place and each time, we left with a couple of jars 🙂

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