Bucovina Adventure. Multi-activity

Area: Bucovina, Rarau, Calimani, Suhard mountains, Painted Monasteries
Level rate: Moderate – Demanding
Dates of departure: June – September
Nr. of team members: 4 – 12
Trip duration (days): 10
Required gear: Backpack, sleeping bag, spot light, good boots, waterproof and warm changing cloths, water can, first-aid kit

Daily Schedule

1ST DAY: Welcoming at Suceava/Iasi Airport

Preparing for the river-rafting Welcoming at Suceava/Iasi Airport

Transfer to Vatra Dornei – by car/train, according to your preferences

Accommodation at Vatra Dornei

Vatra Dornei is situated in the middle of Eastern Carpathians where Dorna river flows into Bistrita. Famous both as a spa (mineral waters) and ski resort during the winter (that last here 8 months) Vatra Dornei has a lot to offer being surrounded by mountains. Hiking trails, mountain biking, river rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, horse riding. The world famous painted monasteries of Bucovina are in the near by and can be seen on a day trip.

2ND DAY: Hiking in Calimani Mountains

River in Carpathians 9:00: breakfast

10:00: 5-6 hours moderate hike on Calimani Mts.

15:00 picnic lunch

19:00: dinner on your own at Vatra Dornei

Accommodation in Vatra Dornei.

3RD DAY: Rock climbing day

Climbing in Carpahian Mountains 9:00: breakfast

10:00: transfer to Rarau Mts. (30 km).

Rarau Mts. offer a breath taking overview over the surrounding area (Giumalau, Calimani Mts). Famous by its bizarre shaped rocks called Pietrele Doamnei, rocks that can be climbed by those that like rock climbing.

Rock climbing, assisted by a professional instructor – all level categories

15:00: picnic lunch

18:00: return to Vatra Dornei

19:00: dinner at Vatra Dornei, on your own

Acoommodation at Vatra Dornei.

4TH DAY: River rafting on Bistrita River

River Rafting on Bistritza 9:00: breakfast

10:00: transfer to Bistrita River

River rafting from 3 up to 25 Km on Bistrita River

Bistrita is the largest river in Romanian Carpathians, having the longest mountain course in Romania . By the first half of 20 th century logs where transported as rafts all the way the Galati at Danube . The best sector for rafting is in the narrow path called Zugreni at 35 Km south of Vatra Dornei. Here large rocks make the river struggle against the Rarau Mts

15:00: picnic lunch

18:00: return to Vatra Dornei

19:00: dinner on your own at Vatra Dornei

Accommodation at Vatra Dornei.

5TH DAY: Horse Riding

The ride 9:00: breakfast

9:30: transfer to Calimani National Park

Calimani National Park is the protected area in Calimani Mts., famous in Romania for its well kept volcanic traces. Volcanic bizarre shapes, traces of old craters, the largest volcanic caldera in Carpathians are the main geological attractions are part of what we call the Europe’s Best Kept Secrets . Numerous species of flowers, as well as the rich wild life (over 180 species of birds) make a trip to Calimani Mts. a beautiful memory.

At the beginning of the day, getting to know the horses.

Horse riding to Pietrele Rosii, in company of a horse-riding guide.

15:00: picnic lunch at 12 Apostoli

Horse riding to Tamau.

18:30: camping at Maieris

19:00: camp dinner

6TH DAY: Horse Riding

Horse riding in the mountains 9:00: breakfast

10:25: Horse riding to Gruiu

14:00: picnic lunch

18:00: transfer to Vatra Dornei

20:00: dinner on your own

Accommodation at Vatra Dornei.

7TH DAY: Visit the painted monasteries of Bucovina (300 Km drive)

Moldavian Mountains 9:00: breakfast

10:00: departure

The painted monasteries of Bucovina are famous worldwide for them remarkable external paintings that where to communicate to common people the divine message. A real history of the religion is concentrated on the walls of the late middle age churches.

Moldoviţa is a fortified monastery built in 16-th century, the dominant color being red

The masters who painted its interior and exterior walls have decorated them with scenes from 16th century Moldavian daily life. But the most interesting painting is the Siege of Constantinople on the south facade, relating to the Romanians’ fights against foreign invasions, especially Turks. The painting combines scenes of the siege of Constantinople from 1453 with others referring to a previous such attempt made by the Persians, in 626.

Suceviţa Monastery, built in 16-th century, has the dominant color blue. The monastery in fortified with thick walls guarded by towers.

Paintings at Sucevita were best preserved both on the outside and on the inside.
Frescoes are painted in purple red and blue against an emerald green background. There is plenty of gold too, taken from the art of miniature.

Situated in a valley 50 km north of Gura Humorului,Humor church was built in 1530 by Petru Rares and his high chancellor Teodor Bubuiog, on the site of a monastic complex built before 1415. The church, consecrated to the Assumption of the Virgin, is smaller than other churches of the painted monasteries and does not have any cupolas. Humor Monastery was among the first churches to be painted. Its frescoes are due to Toma of Suceava and were performed in 1535, the dominant color is yellow.

A convence consecrated to St.George, Voroneţ Monasterylies at walking distance from the Gura Humorului town. An old Romanian chronicle written by Ion Neculce records that Stephen the Great founded Voroneţ Monastery in 1488 to fulfill a pledge to the hermit Daniil who had encouraged the ruling prince of Moldavia to chase the Turks from Wallachia. After having won the battle against the Turks, Stephen erected Voroneţ in three months and 21 days, on the very spot Daniil had his small wooden hermitage.
Its interior and exterior paintings were made later on, between 1534-1535, during prince Petru Rares’ rule. The dominant color is the world famous Voronet blue .

20:00: dinner on your own at Vatra Dornei

Accommodation at Vatra Dornei.

8TH DAY: Mountain Biking

Rarau Mountains 9:00: breakfast

10:00: mountain biking

15:00: picnic lunch

19:00: dinner on your own at Vatra Dornei

Accommodation at Vatra Dornei.


river-rafting tour Transfer to Suceava/ Iasi , depending to your plane departure airport.

9:00 breakfast

leaving Vatra Dornei according to the train schedule.

18:00 arrive at Suceava/ Iasi

20:00 dinner on your own

Accommodation at 3 * hotel.


Bistrita Aurie River Day 10Transfer to the airport according to the flight schedule.