Coronavirus in Romania. Should you be afraid?

Are you worried about the coronavirus in Romania? There is no doubt that this pandemic had affected the global tourism industry. But if you come to Romania, should you be afraid and cancel your bookings?


Well, no. At the time of this post (March 3rd 2020), there are only three confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Romania, of which one is recovered. Compared to other countries in Europe, Romania is pretty safe, let’s say.

Of course, there are extra-precautions that you need to take, everywhere you go, not only in Romania. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid being in big crowds.

Regarding us, we need to inform you that we are not cancelling any of our tours because of the Coronavirus. We are specialized in wildlife and active tours, therefore spending most of the time in nature, in small groups, makes our services appealing for outdoor enthusiasts.

Should you need to cancel any booking due to the Coronavirus, we’d like to inform you that you can do it without any cancellation fees until 24 hours before the start of the activity.