Horse riding in Transylvania is an open invitation for you to discover its beauty on horseback trails, among sceneries that will take you back in time. Its wild forests of oak and beech, its meadows and hills covered with pasture, will give you the feeling that it was all made for horseback riding.  

You can choose between horse riding tours in Transylvania for one day or multiple day tours, for an extended traditional Romanian experience. In this case, you could spend some nights in beautifully restored properties in the villages and get to know more about traditions, culture, food.

Knowledgeable guides will be with you all the time, gladly taking care of all the trip details. You will be in good hands!

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Horse Riding Tips

Pay attention to the instructions that your horse riding guide is giving you.

⇾ Connecting with your horse is very important. Allow him or her to see you as you approach, try to walk towards them in an arc in order to not be too direct while also making your presence known.

⇾ A correct and balanced riding position allows your horse to move with freedom and in balance.

⇾ The necessary equipment used for horseback riding includes: a helmet, saddle, stirrups, and bridle. We recommend you partake in the activity with clothing which includes long pants, boots and riding gloves.

⇾ Riding is an activity that requires practice, skill, coordination, and balance. Like any other skill, regular practice will increase your knowledge and ability.

Good to know

Some of the breeds horses you could ride are: Bare Arabians, Shagya Arabians, Hungarian, local half-bloods or Icelandic horses (in the region of the Harghita Mountains). The horses have different temperaments, experience, some of them have competed at an elite level in endurance riding; 

The tours will give the chance to see unique architectural heritage with many preserved medieval villages;

The best seasons to enjoy a horse riding tour is during spring, summer, fall, but it can be an amazing winter getaway. Being in a mountainous environment, weather can change often. During spring it is raining often, summer is hot and the nights are cooler. It can reach freezing temperatures during the nights starting in October; You can choose between staying on the farm all days or riding on a trail ride with a variety of accommodation or combine a trail ride with local culture;

Participants are required to have travel insurance, specifically including leisure horse riding among the covered activities. For the advanced tours, participants are required to have already ridden a horse before. However, horses are trained to carry any level of rider.  Beginners should not commit to long rides, or if it’s the case they have to be ready to ride consecutive days;

Every rider is responsible for their actions while on the horse, and for this particular reason, you will be required to sign a waiver of responsibility for anything that may happen while you are horse riding or handling the horses.