Wildlife tracking tour in Romania. Day trip from Brasov.

If you’re looking for a wildlife tracking tour in Romania, the area around Brasov, where brown bears are everywhere, is the best destination for a tour.

Bears, wolves, lynx, wild cats and many more can be seen across the country but there are a few places where they are thriving. This is the case with Putna Vrancea Natural Park, a protected area of around 30.000 hectares, situated in Vrancea county.

Because human access is limited in the area, you can spot a large variety of flora and fauna, including wolves, bears, lynx, chamoix, wild cats, wild boars and deer.

We’ve been here on Sunday, January 20h 2020, together with a forest ranger, to help us find our way. The weather was very unusual for the middle of the winter. The morning was quite cold, as expected. However, as we climbed higher and higher, the temperatures became milder and the sun was shining. There was some snow as well and it helped us identify some wild animal tracks.

Wildlife tracking tour in Romania - tracking a lynx

The hike wasn’t very easy, as we had to climb steep terrain, sometimes on rocks and making our way through fallen trees. But the view we had from the cliffs was worth it.

We even encountered a bear which was probably sleeping. It jumped out of a cove, just when we were going down on a steep descend. Luckily, the bear ran away from us, deep in the dense forest. Uh, that was close! We prefer staying inside the hide in our bear watching tours

The ranger then took us to a hidden spot where a trap camera was installed.

There was no recording on the camera, so we decided to continue our route towards the starting point and ended this thrilling day.

If you’re looking to try your luck tracking wild animals in Putna Vrancea Natural Park, we are offering a full day tour in this area, with pick up from Brasov. Just book the tour below or contact us for more details.

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