Wildflowers in Romania

If you’re looking for wildflowers in Romania, this country is a top destination, thanks to its rich natural diversity and luxurious wild meadows.

During the last centuries, because of overgrazing, many countries had lost their green wonders: the natural meadows, full with wild flowers. Luckily, Romania still has a lot of untouched land, perfect for those looking for some unique species of wild flowers.

Concentrated mostly in the highlands, these natural wonders usually bloom during Spring, May and June being the best months to see them. However, there are some species, like the Edelweiss, which usually can be seen between July and August.

Probably the most sought after wild flowers in Romania are the orchids. They usually bloom 


If you’re looking for wild flowers in the Carpathian mountains, the Rhododendron is one of the most spectacular one, thanks to its density on the alpine pastures. Its blooming time is from June to July, depending on weather. Also called Rhododendron myrtifolium, cette fleur très parfumée pousse principalement dans les montagnes Bucegi et Ciucas, mais peut également être trouvée dans d'autres massifs en Roumanie.

Rhododendron en Roumanie

It’s an evergreen shrub which prefers the mountainous meadows in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. It grows at high altitudes and it is a protected flower in Bucegi National Park. Its distinctive characteristic that makes it different to other wild flowers in the Carpathian mountains is its color and scent – it smells like sour cherry but also thanks to the fabulous scenery it creates. Just watch out for vipers, when you’re walking through the rhododendron and for ours, en route vers les montagnes!

Fleurs sauvages dans les Carpates - le rhododendron

Un autre endroit où vous pouvez trouver du rhododendron en Roumanie est le Montagnes de Ciucas. Ici, les pentes vertes de la montagne deviennent roses chaque année, en juin, et des centaines de personnes se précipitent pour assister à ce phénomène coloré. Le paysage est le rêve de tout photographe.

Bien qu'en Roumanie, le rhododendron soit une plante protégée, en Irlande et au Royaume-Uni, il est considéré comme envahissant.

Cependant, au Népal, le rhododendron est la fleur nationale et est consommé et apprécié pour son goût aigre. La fleur marinée peut durer des mois, mais le jus de fleur est également bon pour la commercialisation.