Observation des oiseaux

If you’re looking for bird watching tours in Romania, you need to know that this country is blessed with both mountains and the amazing Danube Delta, which are perfect for bird watching enthusiasts.Bird watching tours in Romania


  • Dans les forêts des Carpates et les gorges rocheuses, vous pouvez apercevoir le Wallcreeper, le moindre aigle tacheté, le hibou de l'Oural, le pic noir et quelques autres oiseaux uniques.
  • The Danube Delta is the best preserved river delta in Europe and is a World Heritage Site. The biggest part of the delta is in Romania, in Tulcea county. So if you’re looking for bird watching tours in the Danube Delta, you need to know that here, you can spot the Dalmatian Pelican, the Black Ibis, egrets and even the Kingfisher. During the winter, the Red breasted goose and the Whooper swans are coming to this place as well.

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