Observation des ours

If you are looking for bear watching tours in Romania you should know that thanks to the relatively low level of human intervention, Romania has become home to the largest brown bear population in Europe.

Ici, au cœur des montagnes des Carpates, vous avez la chance d'observer ces animaux majestueux dans leur habitat naturel, de découvrir des faits intéressants sur la vie de l'ours dans la nature et de capturer des moments uniques avec votre appareil photo.

We are working with the best bear hides in Romania and probably in Europe. In some cases, the animals come as close as two – three meters away and thanks to the hide’s position on the ground, you have the opportunity to capture amazing images with the brown bears.

Depending on what you like, you can choose from our bear watching tours or, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you can even go wildlife tracking with us.

Join us in a short bear watching tour in the forests near Brașov, together with a specialized forest ranger that will answer all your questions.