Can I travel to Romania? Is it safe to visit Transylvania? Update January 19th 2021

”Can I travel to Romania?” – We’re sure this question comes to mind for a lot of you, especially after these hard times for everyone.

Update January 19th 2021: Great news! Romania is one of the three countries in Europe (Poland and Moldova are the other two) which eliminates the restrictions for travelers coming from the yellow countries who had been vaccinated. So basically, 10 days after the second shot of vaccine, you are free to come to Romania with no restrictions.

Another update is for those coming from the United Kingdom, who don’t need to present a negative PCR test on their arrival in Romania and also, those who are vaccinated can enter our country after 10 days from the second vaccine shot.

Countries entering the yellow list (if you arrive from these countries you need to self isolate for 14 days): United Arab Emirates, Canada, Argentina, Brazil.

Countries who leave the yellow list (you don’t have to self isolate on arrival in Romania): Turkey, Moldova, Russian Federation, Belarus.

Update January 11th 2021: Unfortunately, the list with the yellow countries (if you are coming from these countries you are required to self-isolate for 14 days at your arrival in Romania) was updated and France, Spain, Russia, Malta, Ireland were added. It seems that these countries have reported a significant increase in the number of Covid19 cases.

However, if you are coming from Hungary and Azerbaijan you are not required to self-isolate at your arrival in Romania. Please keep in mind that Hungary has a high chance of re-entering the yellow list on the next update, which will be in a week.

So here’s the updated yellow list:

Europe: Spain, France, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Gibraltar, United Kingdon, Poland, Italy, Austria, Montenegro, Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Moldova, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, North Macedonia, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Monaco, San Marino, Serbia. 

Outside Europe: Turkey, USA, Israel, South Africa, Russia, Georgia.

If you wish to travel to Romania, please search for official information about entering our country.

Update January 4th 2021: As of January 3rd 2021, if you are coming to Romania from Belize or Bulgaria, you are not required to self-isolate for 14 days at arrival. However, a few countries are on the yellow list again: Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Monaco, Israel, Columbia, Lebanon and passengers arriving from these countries have to stay in quarantine for two weeks.

Update December 28th 2020: As of December 24th 2020, if you are coming to Romania from Austria, Jordan of French Polynesia, you are not required to self-isolate for two weeks at arrival.

Update December 17th 2020: As of December 14th 2020, if you are coming from Belgium or Italy you are not required to self-isolate for two weeks at arrival. However, if you are coming from the Netherlands, you will need to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

Update December 11th 2020: As of December 6th 2020, if you’re coming to Romania from Poland, you’re not required to self-isolate in Romania for 14 days. On the next update, it’s possible that Italy will be out of the yellow list, hopefully.

Update December 7th 2020: As of December 4th 2020, if you are coming to Romania from France, Spain or the United Kingdom you’re not required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Update November 23rd 2020: As of November 20th 2020, people travelling from Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia and Monaco are not required to stay in self-isolation when arriving in Romania.

Update November 13th 2020: As of today (November 13th 2020), people travelling from the United Kingdom are not required to stay in self-isolation when arriving in Romania. So, dear travelers from the UK, we are waiting for you 🙂

We have updated the initial post and at the time we’re writing this (May 28th 2020), everything seems to slowly return to normal.

The state of alert issued by the Romanian authorities will be over in June 16th 2020 and the international flights will be resumed. This means you can travel again to Romania! Hooray!

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to forget about social distancing and wearing a mask. Having a protective mask in closed spaces, public institutions, public transport and shops is still mandatory. Also, walking in groups larger than three is still under discussion. If you’re travelling with a big family, don’t worry, this rule is only applicable for those not living in the same house.

These lovely swans and their chicks can enjoy freedom in a slightly bigger group 🙂 we captured this shot in one of our bird watching tours near Brasov.

Can I travel to Romania - swans with chicks sitting together

Restaurants and open terraces will be open starting from June 1st, with some social distancing between the customers sitting inside. This means you’ll have to make reservations for a free table in most places.

How about visiting the main tourist attractions? Museums, castles, churches? Well, these will probably allow people inside, but keeping the same rules regarding distance between visitors. This means one things: no more overcrowded castles and more time and space for you to take those amazing Instagram travel shots 🙂

Our suggestion for safe travelling in Romania are our nature & wildlife tours. Being in nature and breathing fresh air will surely boost up your immune system.

So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Romania and travel safely. We will provide masks and disinfectant for any of our tours.

Below is the initial article, posted on March 3rd 2020.

¿Te preocupa el coronavirus en Rumania? No hay duda de que esta pandemia ha afectado a la industria turística mundial. Pero si vienes a Rumania, ¿deberías tener miedo y cancelar tus reservas?


Bueno no. En el momento de esta publicación (3 de marzo de 2020), solo hay tres casos confirmados de coronavirus en Rumania, de los cuales uno está recuperado. En comparación con otros países de EuropaRumania es bastante segura, digamos.

Por supuesto, hay precauciones adicionales que debe tomar, donde quiera que vaya, no solo en Rumania. Recuerde lavarse bien las manos y evitar estar en grandes multitudes.

Con respecto a nosotros, debemos informarle que no cancelaremos ninguno de nuestros tours debido al Coronavirus. Estamos especializados en fauna silvestre y activo recorridos activos, que por lo tanto pasan la mayor parte del tiempo en la naturaleza, en pequeños grupos, hacen que nuestros servicios sean atractivos para los entusiastas del aire libre.

Si necesita cancelar una reserva debido al Coronavirus, nos gustaría informarle que puede hacerlo sin ningún cargo por cancelación hasta 24 horas antes del inicio de la actividad.