Bike tour in Brasov. 4 days of riding.

Bike tour in Brasov - cycling near Harman

If you’re looking for a bike tour in Brasov, this 4 day cycling tour will take you to some of the most interesting places around this fantastic city.

Area: Brasov Area
Difficulty level: Medium
Dates of departure: on demand
Number of team members: 2 – 12
Trip duration (days): 4
Required gear: good condition mountain bike (we can rent one for you), helmet, raincoat, multitool, bicycle repair kit, patches, mini-pump, sun glasses, padded cycling shorts (more comfortable), synthetic cycling t-shirt (please avoid cotton materials).
Accommodation: guesthouse in Brasov

Day 1: Arrival in Brașov
Enjoy our beautiful town and its historical city center, take a walk on Republicii street, the main pedestrian area in Brașov, discover the old fortified walls that surrounded the old citadel or maybe enjoy a nice hike up the Tâmpa Mountain to see a nice panorama of the city. You can relax for the rest of the day at a famous Water Park or we can arrange a short bike ride. Overnight in Brașov.

Day 2: Brașov – Săcele – Azuga – Rhein Wine Cellars – 44 km

Bike tour in Brasov - cycling to Azuga

We start the day with an easy ride to the nearby town of Săcele and begin our climb through the streets until we each a plateau at an altitude of just over 900 meters. From here we can see a beautiful panorama over the mountains on one side and over Brașov and Săcele on the other side. We begin a short descent on a dirt road and reach Gârcinului Valley. We turn right and cycle along the dirt road, behind the Piatra Mare Mountains. We take a break and fill our bottles with cold water from a nearby spring and begin a demanding climb up to Azuga Pass, at an altitudine of over 1300 metri. From here we have a long 19 km descent on the Azuga river Valley, until we reach the mountain town of Azuga. Here, we can visit the Rhein Wine Cellars, opened in 1892, where we can discover the art of sparkling wine production by the traditional method used in Champagne. We can take a tour of the cellars but a reservation should be made 2 days before. The tour includes tasting 4 wine assortments, various types of cheese, dried fruits etc. If you
want to have a meal, there are 6 choices available from 9,5€ to 17€ (a reservation must be made 2 days before). We return to Brașov by train. Overnight in Brașov.

Day 3: Brașov – Sânpetru – Bod – Ariușd – Hărman – Sânpetru – Brașov. 42 km

Bike tour in Brasov - cycling near Harman
After breakfast, we cycle through the city streets and reach Sânpetru, where we can visit the fortified evangelic church, built in the 14th century to withstand foreign invasions. Unfortunately, due to a Turkish invasion from 1658, many villagers died inside the church and the building was damaged. However, it was rebuilt in 1795, preserving the Saxon style. We continue our journey around the Lempeș Hill, a natural reserve thanks to its flora which consists of a rich diversity of flowers, many of them being endangered. We reach the paved road and follow it until we reach the village of Bod, where we have another evangelic church, built around the year 1300. However, during many earthquakes, it was damaged and rebuilt each time. From Bod to Ariușd we have a few kilometers of paved road and once here, we continue on a smooth dirt road on the bank of the Olt river. We reach Hărman, where yes, we have another beautiful fortified church and you can even climb in the bell tower. Nearby, we can have a pizza after the visit. From Hărman we head back to Brașov through Sânpetru. Overnight in Brașov.

Day 4: ZOO, Adventure Park, Seven Ladders Canyon and zip line, bear watching

Bike tour in Brasov - cycling to the Seven Ladders Canyon

On this day we can visit the Brașov ZOO, challenge ourselves in the Parc Aventura adventure park on numerous routes for all levels, from zip lines to acrobatic elements. If you want, we can cycle to Seven Ladders Canyon, carved by the Șapte Scări river. The canyon is one of the main touristic attractions in Brașov county and it is composed of seven waterfalls, the biggest being 35 meters high. This experience will surely give you chills, as you need to go through the canyon on metal ladders and platforms. On the way back from the canyon you can take the zip line, the total lenght of it making it the longest in Romania – 2,1 km. You can see a video of it here.
At the end of the day we will head into the wilderness and see the brown bears in their natural habitat in one of the many specially designed bear hides. During this trip you will be accompanied by an experienced ranger who might carry a gun for your protection in case of an extreme situation. If you’re lucky, you can see wild boars, deers, lynxes or even wolves. But beware! Before coming here, don’t use perfume, don’t dress in bright colours and please, don’t bring any kind of food. Overnight in Brașov.

Day 5: Departure from Brașov

After breakfast you are leaving to your home destination and end this bike tour in Brasov.

For prices and details about this tour, please contact us.

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