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Cycling from Magura to Pestera in Brasov, Romania

The area of Brasov is by far one of the main destinations for tourists who choose to visit Romania. Thanks to its proximity to the Carpathian Mountains, this region is rich in wild forests, hiking and biking trails and routes, forest roads and natural attractions, as well as historical ones, including UNESCO World Heritage sites. And most important, Romania has the biggest population of brown bears in Europe, making it one of the most important destinations for bear watching enthusiasts from the world. Discover Brasov and its surroundings in this 10 day cycling tour that will make you fall in love with this area.

Detailed schedule:

Day 1: Arrival

Once arrived at Otopeni International Airport (OTP) in Bucharest, you will be transferred 160 kilometers to the heart of Romania, in Brasov. After check-in, depending on the time of your arrival, you will meet your guide, get familiar with your bike and why not, do a short ride through the city streets. (-/-D)

Day 2: Brasov – Dambu Morii – Brasov. 39 km. 610m elevation. route

Cycling tour in Brasov - cycling on a forest road near Brasov

After breakfast, you will get on your bikes and begin the tour through the city streets, passing through Astra neighborhood. You will then enter the woods and ride on a forest road, passing near a water fountain, perfect for hydration. Once in Noua neighborhood, you will leave the asphalt road and begin a scenic ride on a good condition forest road. You will see the Brasov ZOO from above and who knows, maybe you will encounter a deer or a fox outside the ZOO. These animals feel like home in this area. After a few kilometers of ups and downs, you will arrive in Timisul de Jos and from here, you have two options: return 3 kilometers on the same forest road or take the easy way, on the main asphalt road. Once in Dambu Morii, you will stop at a local terrace and enjoy a refreshing drink and return to Brasov.

Late in the afternoon, you will be picked up from your location and driven 20 kilometers outside Brasov. Here, you will meet a professional forest ranger that will take you deep into the woods for a thrilling bear watching experience. You will stay inside a safe bear hide and watch as these majestic animals feed and just enjoy their natural habitat. Make sure to bring a camera with you for unique moments. Just before darkness falls, you will return to the car and will be dropped off at your location or in the city center for dinner. (B/-/-)

Day 3: Brasov – Cristian – Rasnov – Rasnov Gorge – Rasnov. 41 km. 350m elevation. route

Cycling tour in Brasov - cycling group to Cristian

After breakfast you will begin your bike ride. You will go across the city and head towards the nearby city of Cristian on a backcountry gravel road. Once in
Cristian, you will visit the fortified Evangelical Church, built in 1270 by the German colonists. You will then continue to Rasnov and visit its city center, recently rebuilt. Above the city you will see the famous Rasnov fortress, built in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights. The bike ride continues outside the city, on a paved, then a gravel road until you reach the Rasnov Gorge, with its amazingly high cliffs and longest zip-line in Romania. Return to Rasnov for a delicious lunch and a beer, then go to the train station and return safely to Brasov. (B/-/-)

Day 4: Zarnesti – Zarnesti Gorge – Magura – Pestera – Moeciu de Jos – Simon – Bran – Predelut – Zarnesti. 42 km. 850m elevation. route

Cycling tour in Brasov - cycling from Magura to Pestera village

On this day, you will have a more difficult ride but nothing too hard. After breakfast, head to the main train station of Brasov and take a private train to Zarnesti. After 40 minutes, you will arrive at the foothills of the Piatra Craiului mountains. Begin the ride through Zarnesti and stop at the supermarket to get some snacks for the route. Begin ascending on a gravel road and soon, you will reach the Zarnesti Gorge. Carved into spectacular rock walls of over 200 meters in some places, this canyon is over 2 kilometers long and is the starting point for many touristic trails that go up the mountains. Get back and begin climbing on a forest road to the picturesque village of Magura. Continue towards Pestera for amazing panoramas with the hills and mountains. After a steep descent, you will reach Moeciu de Jos and the village of Simon. Climb to the Bran monastery and admire the massive Bucegi Mountains from their foothills. The views from the monastery are something to remember. Get back to Bran, pass the famous Bran castle – also called Dracula’s Castle. Then return to Zarnesti through Predelut and back to Brasov by train. (B/-/-)

Day 5: Rest day. Hike to the Seven Ladders canyon and Piatra Mare massif.

Landscape from Piatra Mare mountains in Brasov, Romania

On this day, choose to go on a beautiful hike in the Piatra Mare massif. First, you will be taken by car to Dambu Morii and begin an easy hike until you reach the spectacular Seven Ladders canyon. It consists of seven almost vertical ladders that give you the opportunity to climb through the narrow gorge created by the Sipoaia River. Depending on the water levels, there is a chance of getting a bit wet, so wear quick drying clothing. Continue uphill towards the Piatra Mare hut and enjoy a welldeserved lunch. Don’t expect something fancy. Afterall, it’s a mountain hut. Depending on the weather conditions and fitness level, you can go to the Piatra Mare
peak, at an altitude of 1844 meters. Enjoy the fantastic views from up there. If not, the views from the hut are almost as spectacular.
Return to base, enjoy a cold beer and get in the car. You will be dropped off at your location or in the city center. (B/-/-)

Day 6: Brasov – First Romanian School – Poiana Brasov – Cristian. 27 km. 630m elevation. route

Cycling tour in Brasov - The First Romanian School

After breakfast, it’s a short 1.5 kilometers ride to the museum of the First Romanian School, located just near the 16th century church of St. Nicholas. Erected in 1495, the school held the first Romanianlanguage classes in Romania from 1583. Until then, Romanians used Church Slavonic Language in education. The museum houses a variety of old books, including the first Romanian bible and also here, you will see the first printing press in Romania. Continue your bike ride through the historical Schei neighbourhood and admire the old wooden house gates, some of them still in good condition, thanks to recent renovations. Leave Schei behind and ride on a gravel forest road, passing through Solomon’s Rocks, which is actually a wide gorge that was created, according to local legends, after a Hungarian king named Solomon fell into the abyss, cracking the mountain in two pieces. The area is very popular among locals, especially during the weekend. It represents the starting point for many touristic trails for hikers and cyclists but also for barbeque enthusiasts. Continue your ride up, through the lush forest, until you reach the popular resort of Poiana Brasov, at an altitude of 1030 meters. After a well deserved break and tasting of traditional Kurtos Kalacs (a Hungarian pastry), fill your water bottle and continue downhill on a paved road. After a few bends, you will leave the asphalt road and turn right towards Cristian, on a forest road. Once in Cristian, you will go to a local restaurant, famous for its delicious grilled chicken. Enjoy your meal, together with a cold Romanian beer. From here, you have two options to go back to Brasov: by bike, using a part of the route from Day 3 or by train, from the Cristian train station situated nearby. (B/-/-)

Day 7: Rasnov – Valea Cetatii Cave – Glajarie – Bran – Predelut – Zarnesti. 33 km. 550m elevation. route

Cycling tour in Brasov - cycling to Bran

After breakfast, head towards the main train station of Brasov and take the private train to Rasnov which will take you there in 25 minutes. After about 4 kilometers you will arrive at the Valea Cetatii Cave, situated deep in the forest. Entrance is at every 30 minutes, so you will have time to relax after the climb up here. Enter the cave and take a guided tour through the cavern and find out why sometimes it is used as a concert hall. Get back to Rasnov and continue on the paved road until you reach a touristic valley called Glajarie. You will see a lot of pensions and guest houses here. Depending on the time of arrival and the group’s preferences, we can have lunch here, at a famous restaurant with delicious American based menu and beautiful views over the valley. Not far away, you will begin a nice ride through the forest, just at the edge of Bucegi National Park, If you’re lucky, you can gather and eat delicious wild berries: raspberry and blackberry. Enjoy the spectacular views and the fresh mountain air. Once you arrive at the maximum altitude of over 1000 meters, you will see a beautiful panorama of the Piatra Craiului mountains and the city of Bran, with its famous castle. After a fast descent to Bran, visit Dracula’s Castle (if you haven’t done it in Day 4) and head back to Zarnesti through Predelut. Arrive in Brasov by train. (B/-/-)

Day 8: Brasov – Sacele – Garcini Valley – Azuga Pass – Azuga – wine tasting & visit. 45 km. 900m elevation. route

Cycling tour in Brasov - cycling to Azuga

This will be the longest and probably hardest ride. After breakfast, cycle through Brasov until you reach the town of Sacele. Visit a local bakery, a family run business. See how sourdough bread and other types of pastry is made and taste their products. Continue the ride through Sacele and begin climbing on the city streets. Once at 900 meters of altitude, take a break and enjoy the fantastic views. After a few hairpins and a fast descent, you will arrive in Garcini valley. Continue the ride on a gravel road, with nice views of Piatra Mare mountain at your right. After filling your bottles with cold spring water, continue the ride until you reach Azuga pass, at an altitude of over 1300 meters. Enjoy a snack and prepare yourself for a continuous 15 kilometer long descent. Once you reach Azuga, you will visit the famous Halewood wine cellars, which have been the official wine suppliers for the Romanian Royal Family. Taste the famous Rhein sparkling wine and discover the secrets behind sparkling wine production. Enjoy a delicious meal at the cellar restaurant and head towards the Azuga train station to catch the train to Brasov. (B/L/-)

Day 9: Short bike ride on top of Tampa hill & sunset hike. 19 km. 380m elevation. route

Sunset view in Brasov

On your last day here you can choose to have a tour of the city or do a short but exciting bike ride which will take you around the Tampa mountain and down on a nice single trail. Spend the rest of the day discovering the secrets of Brasov and visiting the famous Black Church or the narrowest street in Europe. Late in the afternoon, we suggest ending your holiday in style. You will go on a hike up to the Tampa mountain and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of a city in Romania. Stay up until sunset to be forever in love with Brasov. After the sunset, descend back to Brasov and enjoy a farewell dinner. (B/-/-)

Day 10: Transfer back to Otopeni International Airport (OTP) and flight home.

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Otopeni International Airport in Bucharest for your flight home.

This tour is organized for a minimum of 2 people.

Contact us for more details about this tour.


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