Morning food tour in Brasov

Morning food tour in Brasov 2

Looking for a food tour in Brasov? Look no further. Here is our impression from a morning culinary experience we had, together with Dominik and his family.

There is no doubt that the Covid19 pandemic has affected almost all of us, especially those who are working in the tourism industry. Luckily, there is still hope for better days, each time we have new bookings.

This was the case last week, when we received an email telling us that Dominik and his family booked a food tour in Brasov for this Monday.

Because the tour was planned before the pandemic, there have been some changes in the schedule. Initially, we had planned to take the tourists by public transport to the locations but now, the best choice was to find alternatives and stay safe and avoid using the public transport in Brasov.

So, after the booking, we immediately started to sort things out and Friday, we managed to put together a plan for our guests.

Monday morning we met Dominik, Adriana and their kids in Brasov’s beautiful city center and after a short presentation and a few words about the city’s history and buildings around the main square, we visited the first restaurant, situated nearby.

Morning food tour in Brasov 1

We were served with a three course breakfast: eggy bread with Edelweiss cheese from Torockoi, vegetable meatball (without the meat) with kephir and caraway seeds sauce and as a dessert, fired pears with fermented cream and kephir caramel.

Everything was super delicious and the kids even loved the vegetable “meatballs”… afterall, we all know how kids hate veggies.

So, wow, the restaurant’s owner, Oana Coantă, really impressed us with her skills. She wasn’t named Woman chef of the year 2019 by Gault & Millau for nothing!

Out in the pouring rain, we quickly walked to the second restaurant situated also in Brasov’s historical city center. Here, Mirela, the chef, also prepared us a culinary journey through the wild kingdom of mushrooms.

Morning food tour in Brasov 2

We had a green pancake (gluten free was an almond pancake) filled with a mix of wild mushrooms (boletus, chanterelles and champignons), poached eggs with truffle, wild mushroom pate and different sauces derived from pickles.

Yes, you read it correctly, pickles! Everything was as expected, delicious and really interesting. Now, I have to admit I am a big mushroom fanatic, I am exploring the surrounding forests, avoiding bears and foraging for wild mushrooms but I’ve never tasted anything like this in my life. It’s hard to explain, you have to taste it yourself.

Morning food tour in Brasov 3

And because every good meal must end with a dessert, we went nearby to a chocolate shop to taste (almost) all assortments of chocolate that were available. The owner started this small family-run business quite a few time ago and since then, they are committed on making high-quality hand-crafted chocolate, using only the finest ingredients. As you can imagine, the prices aren’t at the level of your average Hershey’s chocolate bar but as real connoisseurs use to say, chocolate must be savored, not eaten.

In the end, the sun started shining and we said goodbye, hoping that this pandemic will be over soon and tourists will start flocking again in Brasov for our food tours or, why not, for our wildlife tours.

If you want to taste some unique flavors of Brasov, don’t hesitate to book a tour!


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