Gypsy Culture in Transylvania

Some people think that Friday 13th is a bad-luck day.

However, we, happy masters of a black cat, used the Friday of September 13th for discover the traditions of coppersmiths gypsies. In the morning we left from Brasov heading to Sighisoara medieval city and then to Brăteiu village.

After 2.5 hours of driving we arrived in Brăteiu, where we visited a gypsy family. They were very friendly and showed us how they work in copper. We saw the objects they produce and sell. They told us about their traditions while they dressed us up in their clothes.

We were delighted to discover the authentic traditions of coppersmiths and learn about their life. We understood better their lifestyle and what it takes to hand-craft the copper objects.

On the way back to Brasov we stopped in Sighisoara to visit the Clock Tower, for a citadel tour and for lunch. After lunch we returned in Brasov with new ideas about this mix of history and gypsies traditions and culture.

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