World Water Day – March 22nd

World Water Day - Mute swan

Today is March 22nd, World Water Day. And we are here to celebrate it thanks to the source of life as we know it: water. Everything we know about Planet Earth exists because of water. This tiny dot we call Earth, in the huge dark Universe, exists thanks to the presence of water.

World Water Day - Mute swan

Water, in all its forms, allows all organisms to live and prosper. Including us, the most destructive species in the Universe, as far as we know it.

Black winged stilt

We are destroying our home, our source of life. We are polluting our rivers, lakes and oceans. We are constantly killing, directly and indirectly, ourselves and all the other species of organisms that are dependent on water.

Please, stop wasting water. Stop polluting it. Use it wisely because it’s the only thing that is keeping us alive. Attend bird watching tours. Discover nature and the fascinating world of water birds. Learn to respect them, to respect water and nature in general.

Thank you. Happy World Water Day.


Mother Earth

Night Heron

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