Weekend full with wildlife activities

The tourism industry is slowly starting to recover after almost a full year without any bookings. As you probably know, Romania is one of the few countries which accepts tourists which have been vaccinated with both vaccine shots.

As a consequence, we are starting to welcome tourists, That was the case with Michal, from the Czech Republic, who is in Romania for two weeks. As he was interested in wildlife experiences, he contacted us for a weekend filled with bear watching and wildlife tracking activities.

So, Saturday, after picking him up, we went to one of our favorite spots for bear watching, near St. Anna volcanic lake. We arrived at the meeting point at 6 pm, as planned and after a short briefing with the ranger, we hiked around 400 meters in the forest to the hide. Here, we were surprised to see a mother bear with her cubs already at the site.

Mother bear with two cubs

After a while, other bears appeared in the clearing…

Four bears - wildlife tour in Romania

While others watched cautiously…

Bears watching

We ended the day with a total of seven bears and went back to Brașov for a good night sleep because we surely needed it.

It was an early wake up for us on Sunday, as we left Brașov at 7 am, heading to Putna Vrancea Natural Park, in Vrancea county.

Arriving at the meeting point, we were greeted by the ranger. We prepared our gear and started our wildlife tracking tour with a steep climb.


The morning sun was starting to rise above the trees so this looked like a promising day. We reached the first panoramic view spot

View from above

and immediately found some old WW1 cartridges

WWI cartridges

Continuing our route on this unmarked and wild terrain, we had the chance to spot two roe deer. We were expecting to see some other wildlife as well but this is the thing with this kind of tours: expect the unexpected. These kinds of activities happen in the wild, in uncontrolled environments and we cannot guarantee 100% that you will see any wildlife.

However, we saw lynx, badgers, brown bears, fox, wolves and other mammals… but watching footage from a trap camera situated deep in the wilderness. Sometimes it’s better than nothing. We were amazed to see how rich the fauna is in this area!

Checking the wildlife trap camera

Just when we thought we have seen everything, a small but interesting creature appeared and posed for us for a couple of minutes: a Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)

Fire salamander - Wildlife in Romania

To sum up, we think it was a very successful weekend, considering the fact that we spent a lot of time in the middle of nature, without any people around, just fresh air and nice views. And Michal was happy as well.

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