Wednesday’s bear watching tour from Brasov

Taking photos of brown bears

We’re coming close to the end of the bear mating season in Romania. This year has been quite a weird one. We had and still have the pandemic, some restrictions, masks and if that wasn’t enough, weather hold some surprises this year, with a prolonged winter, snow in May and a crazy and rainy month of June.

Bear near a tree

Normally, bears’ mating season starts from mid-May and ends in mid-June. This is the best time of the year to book a bear watching tour in Romania. During this time, bears are very active, both sexually and socially, and the chances of spotting them from the hides or even whilst hiking are the highest. Don’t forget to make noise when hiking in Romania, a horny brown male bear is not the friendliest wild animal hiding in the bushes.

Local tip: If you are hiking alone or you’re not very talkative, our suggestion is to attach a small bell to your backpack, to alert the wild animals of your presence.

This being said, we went with Lienert and his brother and sister to one of the bear hides situated near lake St. Anna. We drove along the scenic road, passing through the rural part of Covasna county.

Going to the bear hide

Once we reached the forested area, met the ranger and we hiked up to the bear hide. There were two bears already at the site, eating and chilling. We stood there for a while, enjoyed some shots of strong palinka and finally, just when we were getting our stuff ready, the ranger spotted a bear relaxing, just behind the hide, a few meters away from the door. We had to stay inside for 15 more minutes and used the opportunity to take some shaky shots of this magnificent animal.

In the end, it was another fabulous day in the wild forests of Romania, but inside the safety of a bear hide. Wanna see the brown bears? Contact us to book a tour!

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