Visiting Brasov Romania during cold months? Things to do on gloomy weather.

Visiting Brasov Romania - View from Tampa

Do you plan on visiting Brasov Romania during the cold months? We know not everybody likes the hordes of tourists which are common to Western Europe and many of you are on a tight budget.

City view of Brasov old city center with hills and the Black Church in the background

A visit to Romania during the colder months might be the best solution for you. While flight tickets might be considerably cheaper than during summer, a trip to this Eastern European country in November might represent a unique experience. And here’s why:

  1. Flights are more affordable. I mean, why would anybody want to see Dracula’s Castle during low season, without the crowds? It can be really boring having the (almost) entire castle for yourself. Just make sure you pack some extra layers. Winter can come quite early in Romania, especially near the mountains, where Brasov is situated.
  2. Less crowded places means more time to relax. Forget about the hordes of annoying tourists stabbing you with their selfie sticks. Take your time to explore Brasov’s beautiful Council Square (or main square), wander through the narrow streets and alleys, discover the fascinating Black Church.
    First Romanian School museum in Brasov
    All this without being pushed by others. Relax, put on an extra layer and some warm shoes and start exploring.

  3. Hiking during these months can be beautiful. If you’re a hiking enthusiast and like to move around, then these cold months can be quite surprising. If you’re lucky, you can still catch the plethora of magnificent colors and in exceptional cases, some contrasting snowy peaks. The trails around Brasov Romania aren’t as crowded as during summer so you have more nature to yourself. Take in the beautiful landscape and enjoy your hiking tours.
    Hiking in Bucegi mountains
    And don’t worry about brown bears. They are extremely cautious wild animals and will stay away from people, as long as they hear or feel them before. Just make sure you keep talking or making noise while you’re hiking. If you’re a solo adventurer, you might try to attach a small bell to your backpack which can alert bears of your presence. And remember: bears avoid people. If you see a brown bear which is unusually friendly, it means time to go away from there. Check this website for more information about bears’ behavior and what to do if you encounter a bear.

  4. Visiting Brasov Romania during cold months is perfect for mushroom foraging. This activity can be quite rewarding, especially because Romania has an abundance of wild edible mushrooms, including multiple Boletus sp., Wood blewits (Lepista / Clitocybe nuda), the incredibly tasty Parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera), the Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) or the sought after Horn of plenty (Craterellus cornucopioides).
    Mushroom foraging in Romania - Boletus sp
    Just make sure you go foraging with someone who knows the places. Or try a foraging tour.

  5. Hike on top of mount Tampa, in Brasov, to see the city from above or, if you’re lucky, to witness a mesmerizing sea of clouds covering the entire area. This usually happens for a few days in November.
    Visiting Brasov Romania - View from Tampa
    If you wake up in the morning and there’s fog in Brasov, put on your hiking shoes, a warm jacket and choose one of the many trails that go up to Tampa peak. The easiest is the switchback trail that starts here, at the foothills, just outside Brasov’s city walls. It should take you around 40-45 minutes to get to the top. Just make sure you bring your camera. The scenery is amazing.

  6. Since you’re visiting Brasov Romania, we would also suggest exploring the surroundings. If you’re into cultural tours, take a look at Prejmer Fortified Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights. Or the nearby Harman fortified church. Or Feldioara citadel, reconstructed a few years ago. Rasnov citadel is also impressive, just make sure it’s open. At the time of this article, it is closed for about 2 years for renovation.

    View from the peak of Piatra Mare mountains

    If hiking is your passion, Brasov sits in the curvature of the Carpathian mountains and has easy access to nearby mountains: Piatra Mare, with its famous Seven Ladders Canyon, Ciucas, with the unusual rock formations, Postavaru, with its beautiful landscape and the amazing food at Postavaru chalet, Piatra Craiului National Park, where you have amazing trails ranging from easy to difficult, Bucegi mountains and a little bit to the West, Fagaras mountains. Just make sure you have proper trekking boots and adequate clothing.

  7. Last but not least, if you’re visiting Brasov Romania, don’t miss the bear watching tours. This activity takes place in the wild, in the forests around Brasov and most of the times, you’ll have the chance to see the Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) from a very close distance, from a specially designed bear hide.

    Visiting Brasov Romania - bear watching tour

    Nobody can guarantee a 100% success rate, as this experience involves unpredictable wild animals that cannot be controlled. Choose here one of the many bear watching tours from Brasov.

Extra: If you prefer to stay within the city limits, we also suggest a food tour. Although at the time of this post, the restaurant interiors are closed because of the pandemic, this situation won’t last forever. Just to make sure, check the travel restrictions and the local rules.

Still not conviced? Choose from one of the tours here and discover Brasov Romania.

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