The Seven Ladders Canyon in Romania

Metal structures inside the Seven Ladders Canyon in Brasov, Romania

The Seven Ladders Canyon is a narrow gorge carved in Jurassic limestone by the Seven Ladders stream. Located just 20 minutes away by car from Brasov city, it is situated at the foothills of the Piatra Mare massif.

Seven Ladders Canyon

The canyon is 160 meters long and the altitude difference between the entrance and the exit is 58 meters. Its name comes from seven almost vertical metal ladders that were built here, the biggest one being 15 meters long. Tourists who want to visit this place don’t need special equipment; however, extra caution is needed, especially if you’re afraid of heights or narrow spaces. Also, we recommend taking some good hiking shoes because the stairs can be quite slippery.

River inside the Seven Ladders Canyon

Another piece of clothing that you need to take is an extra layer, maybe a waterproof light jacket. Sometimes, the stream might get you wet 🙂

The access to the Seven Ladders Canyon is easy. By car, you get to the base of the touristic trail in Dambu Morii and follow the indicators towards “Canionul 7 (Sapte) Scari” or Seven Ladders Canyon. It’s an easy one hour hike that can be done by everyone. Once you pay the entrance fee (10 LEI/ person), you continue for two minutes to the entrance and explore the gorge. For the way back, you have an alternative route that goes through the forest, back to base. You are not allowed to go back through the canyon.

To get back to the car, you can choose to go on the zip lines installed in the forest. The experience is quite amazing. Trust us, we tried it!

Cycling to the Seven Ladders Canyon

If you want, you can reach the Seven Ladders Canyon by bike but keep in mind that you need to cross the river a few times. The trail is rocky but with a pair of good legs we are sure you’ll manage. Just watch out for the bears 🙂 We’re kidding, the place is full of tourists so the bears prefer more secluded areas. If you want to see the bears, you can join one of our bear watching tours though.

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