Mineral water in Romania. Balvanyos.

If you’re looking for the benefits of the mineral water in Romania you need to know more about the area called Balvanyos. Situated in Covasna county, this area has a lot to offer.

Mineral water spring in Balvanyos

Also called “Băile Balvanyos” or ”Balvanyos baths”, this place is famous for its post-volcanic phenomena. The natural mineral water springs coming out of the ground are probably the most famous of these.

Present in many places, these carbonated waters, also called “borviz” in Hungarian language, come naturally from the underground. This natural mineral water in Romania is used for internal, as well as external cures, in baths. There are 57 springs scattered around the area and each has unique properties.

Road to Balvanyos area

Some mineral water springs are used by locals and are excellent for internal cures for: digestive diseases, ulcers, hepato-biliary diseases, anemia, kidney diseases etc. Other, used for external cures, are good for cardiovascular diseases, stress, conjunctivitis, degenerative and rheumatism etc. For better results, a prolonged stay here is recommended. There are a number of hotels and accommodations nearby, as well as numerous places for hiking enthusiasts but for cyclists as well, especially mountain bikers.

St. Anna volcanic lake in Romania

You can go bear watching in the forests nearby but you can also visit the beautiful St. Anna lake, the only volcanic crater lake in Eastern Europe.

This lake was formed inside a twin volcanic crater which erupted tens of thousands of years ago. The other crater, situated just near the lake, is four times bigger in size and is home to an eerie landscape – a peat bog. Here, by following a special wooden path created by the local authorities, you can spot some unique species of flora: the bog rosemary, the Sun dew (Drosera rotundifolia), cotton grass etc. Moreover, you can see some patches of water and imagine how the whole place looked like hundreds of years ago, when all the surface was only water. Basically, nowadays, people have the chance to ”walk on water”.

The place is also famous for its breathtaking landscape, preferred by photographers especially during autumn, when all nature changes its colors.

Boat during fog at lake St. Anna

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