Sunday hike to Piatra Mare hut

Piatra Mare hut

We are used to gloomy days in December, so we decided to go on a relaxing Sunday hike up to Piatra Mare hut, near Brasov.

After parking the car at the base, we started our hike through the misty forest, thinking that we’ll see a bit of snow. The temperature was around 0 degrees Celsius, maybe a bit higher than freezing point, so our shoes were immediately full with sticky mud. Luckily, some openings in the forest allowed the path to be a bit dry than in the shady areas.

A quick snap…

Lower part of the trail to Piatra Mare hut

And we continued on our route to Piatra Mare hut. As we were gaining altitude, the forest looked gloomier and the fog was starting to ruin the scenery. Still, it was strangely beautiful…

Fog on the trail

As we continued climbing, there was a spooky atmosphere around us and the ravens made it even worse; ideal conditions for a bear encounter! But we had our first glimpses of snow, which made the trail look more stunning than ever!

Trail to Piatra Mare hut during winter

Coming out of the tree line we looked behind and saw this:

Winter landscape in Piatra Mare mountainsUnfortunately, the visibility didn’t last for long so when we finally reached Piatra Mare hut there was a thick fog surrounding us. Took a snap just before ordering a hot cup of mulled wine and descended back to base.

Piatra Mare hut

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