Lempeș hill near Brașov – Ideal for nature lovers

Lempeș hill, also called ”Dealul Cetății – Lempeș” or ”The citadel hill – Lempeș” is a protected area situated just a few kilometers outside of Brașov, near Sânpetru commune.

Lempeș hill - landscape

Its highest point is at 704 meters and has an area of around 275 hectares, spreading towards Bod and Hărman.

Lempeș hill flora - Pasque flower

Lempeș hill is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna. Being a protected area, its forest consists of several species of trees: oaks, hornbeam, black pine, sycamore, common hawthorn and others. Some of the most important plants that can be found here throughout the year are the Pheasant’s eye (Adonis vernalis), Pasque flower (Pulsatilla montana), Iris (Iris hungarica and Iris caespitosa)Burning Bush (Dictamnus albus) and scarcely, some species of orchids.

Flora - Burning bush

Fauna is very rich and thanks to this, Lempeș hill is preferred by wildlife photographers looking for the perfect shot. If you keep quiet, you can spot deer, wild boar, wild cat, fox.

Lempeș hill - deer in the forest

Those interested in bird watching can spot several species of birds: Common buzzard, European roller, Eurasian hoopoe, European robin, Eurasian nuthatch and of course, the raven.

Lempeș hill fauna - bird

For those only interested in relaxing, coming here in the morning or, better, just before evening, for the sunset, the Lempeș hill offers a quiet alternative to the more crowded mount Tâmpa, near Brașov. It is not steep, can be easily reached through Sânpetru and offers a wonderful sunset view with a gorgeous landscape.

For those interested in activities a little bit more… ”adventurous”, this place is also famous for paragliding. Due to favorable winds, paragliding enthusiasts are coming here in big numbers to launch and admire the surrounding area from above. If you want to try out this experience, contact us and we’ll help.

Butterfly Dragonfly

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