Hiking in Tișița Gorge, Romania

Hiking tour in Tisita gorge

A hiking trip in Tisita Gorge, in Putna Vrancea Natural Park from Romania, is a relaxing alternative to crowded places, for those seeking for nature tours. Situated in Vrancea mountains, famous for their seismic activity, Țișița Gorge (also known as ”Cheile Țișiței” in Romanian language), is a relatively unknown yet spectacular point of interest for those who want to escape from everyday routine and spend quality time in nature.

Narrow passage in Tisita Gorge

The touristic trail is very accessible, so everyone can go hiking in Tisita Gorge, regardless of the weather. However, during rain, some areas can be quite slippery.

Group of tourists hiking in Tisita Gorge near Tisita river

This is a protected area where you can spot wild fauna (bears, fox, lynx or even chamois) but also beautiful flora and some rare species of flowers, including the rare Lady’s slipper orchid. For those interested in geology, in some parts of the gorge, if you look closely, you can find small rocks with fossilized plants which are imprinted.

Tourists entering the Big Tunnel in Tisita Gorge

On your way through the canyon, you’ll notice some remains of an old railway track. Indeed, many locals say that here, during the Second World War, the Germans built a narrow gauge railway to carry the wood that was taken out in the forest. They didn’t manage to finish the whole project and penetrate the whole mountain but they succeeded to dig a 200 meter tunnel, called “The big tunnel” or “Tunelul Mare”, which can still be seen at the end of the trail. You can reach this tunnel after about two hours of hiking, if you don’t stop on the way for photos.

Three tourists overlooking the valley during a wildlife tracking tour

We highly recommend coming here during the weekdays, as during the weekends it can be a bit crowded sometimes. If you’re interested in this area, you can book our hiking tour in Tișița Gorge

or a wildlife tracking tour in Putna Vrancea Natural Park.

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