Hiking in Romania – Ciucas mountains

Tourists hiking in Ciucas mountains, Brasov, Romania

If you”re a nature enthusiast and you’re in Brasov, you should really consider a hiking tour in Ciucas mountains. Situated just 40-50 kilometers away from Brasov, the Ciucas mountains are considered to be part of the Curvature Carpathians, a smaller division of the Carpathian range.

Hiking in Ciucas mountains

Their highest point is at 1954 meters, Ciucaș Peak, famous for its strong winds, all around the year. Other high peaks are Gropșoarele (1883 m), Tigăile mari (1844 m) and Zăganu (1817 m).

The mountain and the surrounding area is declared a natural reserve, it is a Nature 2000 site and is rich in mountain pastures, blueberry and rhododendron plants. Moreover, Ciucaș is home to several wild animals: bear, wild boar, lynx, deer, fox, marten, wild cat, squirrel and chamois.

Sea of clouds in Ciucas massif

Although hiking in Ciucas mountains is relatively easy, extra precaution is needed, especially during the winter and during storms, when weather is highly unpredictable. The winds can quickly ruin your plans, regardless of the season. Ciucas is famous for its weather and if you’re not from around here, our advice is to go there with an experienced guide.

If you want to explore the massif, you need to know that there are multiple accommodations available, from the pensions and guest houses in Cheia, to Cabana Silva and Cabana Ciucas (Silva Chalet and Ciucas Chalet, the latter being a 3* chalet).

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