Lost in the foggy mountains

Hiking in fog

Not quite lost, but hiking in fog felt like being lost in the thick mist which covered the area of Brasov in the last week.

Hiking in fog

We’re used to having a few weeks of foggy weather during this time of the year, especially in Brasov, which is situated in a hollow in the arch of the Carpathian mountains. Usually, this fog stays at lower altitudes and as you climb higher and higher, it disappears.

This wasn’t the case during last weekend, when we decided to go for a hike in the nearby Piatra Craiului mountains.

Leaving Brasov in the morning, we quickly saw the beautiful autumn colors still present in the woods. As we approached Zarnesti, the dramatic Piatra Craiului mountains looked even more impressive. We left our cars and started hiking towards Schitul Coltii Chiliei (Coltii Chiliei monastery), admiring the stunning landscape.

Autumn landscape in Romania

We decided to climb on the Red Cross trail, through Padina Sindileriei (tableland is the best word for the Romanian word “padina”) towards Turnu peak (1914m).

Red Cross trail

As we climbed, we were thinking of the clear blue sky which should have awaited us on the top. Boy, we were so wrong!

Climbing to Turnu peak

The fog thickened and we couldn’t see anything. We kept climbing, using the chains until we reached an area abundant in thick dwarf mountain pine covered with frost, the ideal place for a bear encounter…

Once at the top, we stopped for a quick bite and went down to Saua Crapaturii (Crapaturii saddle) on the Red Dot trail, where we encountered another area with some cables and chains.

Hiking in fog on the Red Dot trail

Reaching the scree portion of the trail, we had some difficulties with the thin ice but managed to survive after all.

Getting back to our cars, we were a bit disappointed of the scenery but in the end, it was far better than staying indoors and watching TV.

Where next? Who knows… we just hope we’re not gonna be hiking in fog again…

And a nice music video to go with the foggy atmosphere…

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