Epic cycling tours in rural Transylvania

Are you looking for cycling tours in Transylvania? We know the perfect places to ride your bike.

Without a doubt, southeastern Transylvania is famous for its Saxon villages and old fortified churches. But few people know that this forgotten land is home to some astounding single trails that connect several communities and take you through picturesque forests and pastures.

Cycling tours in Transylvania - single trail

Some of these routes are scattered around the village of Viscri, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cycling in this area is like travelling back in time. You’ll meet friendly locals and if you’re lucky enough, some of them might even invite you in their houses to take a glimpse of how life was here a hundred years ago.

Outside a house in Viscri

But once you leave the quiet cobbled streets in the villages, you will discover a whole new world that was created for cyclists. Tens of kilometers of beautifully built single trails than meander through wild lush forests and across green rolling hills. Just stop and admire the view. We know, it’s hard to keep pedaling when you need to stop every 2 minutes to immortalize your favorite moments.

Single trail in Transylvania

And when you thought that you ran out of cycling tours in Transylvania, you’re already in Sighisoara, with its charming medieval atmosphere and stunning old city center that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the Clock Tower with its famous statuettes, go up the Covered Stairway until reach the beautiful and mysterious Church on the Hill or the Monastery Church. Then get on your bike and pedal your way back to Viscri and the Saxon villages for the perfect end of the day: a delicious home cooked meal from locally-sourced ingredients.

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