Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Ditrau, Romania

One of the most impressive, yet unknown churches in Romania is the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Ditrau, Harghita county, Romania.

Church in Ditrau - exterior view

The history of the great Catholic Church of Ditrau is in close connection with the 27 years old period of serving of the parish priest János Tako (from 1888 to 1915). In those days, Ditrău was considered the richest village in Transylvania.

Church in Ditrau - chandelier and main hallway


The first church building plans were drawn in neo-Baroque style (in 1893 by chief engineer Gábor Margitay) but the supervisory board rejected the plan because it would have required to much expenses. After a long preparatory operation, accurate assessment and ensuring the necessary funds, the construction was erected between 1908-1913, based on the plans of architect and professor István Kiss.
The church with two towers in neo-Gothic style has a length of 56 m, width of 23 m, height of the towers is 75 m and can accommodate 3000-5000 people.

Church in Ditrau - altar

Of significant value is the sanctuary, whose walls are decorated with decorative paintings on the entire surface, ornamental stained glass and figurative compositions. The stained glass windows were created by Miksa Roth from Budapest, the creator of the stained glass windows of the Hungarian Parliament and Town Hall of Tg Mures. The furniture and wooden elements are solid oak. The church’s organ with 23 registers and catalog is also famous, being one of the biggest in the country. The main altar is decorated with statues carved in Carrara marble. These statues represent the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Saint Stephen (István) and St. Ladislaus (László). A remarkable value have the two chandeliers which are made of imposing wrought iron, hanging from the ceiling of the main nave.

Church in Ditrau - stained glass windows

The monumental building ultimately cost 800,000 gold crowns.
The church was consecrated on 13 July 1913 by Count Károly Gusztáv Majláth, Roman Catholic bishop of Transylvania, in the name of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

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