Bear watching in Romania – new places, new experiences

Bear Watching Romania

It’s no secret that we are constantly looking for new places for our bear watching tours. So last Friday we went in one of the wildest areas close to Brasov, together with Sophie, Lara and Dunja, all from Germany.

You might wonder what are the restrictions for travelling in Romania. We are always updating the news on our blog so for the moment, Romania accepts people who have been vaccinated against Covid19 without any restrictions.

Brown bear watching in Sinca Noua

Coming back to our bear watching tours, near the virgin forest from Sinca Noua, situated 1 hour away from Brasov, we discovered a wild area, perfect for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Together with two rangers, we went deep in the dark forests in search of the brown bear. On our way, a fox and two roe deer appeared, so we also had a nice bonus. Once we reached the safe bear hide, we were impressed by its size. It is quite spacious, accommodating up to 10 people on three rows of benches. So in these days, it is very important to us to keep our guests safe.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, the first bear appeared in the area.

Bear Watching in Sinca Noua

Once thing we liked here is the fact that the rangers gave names to the bears, according to certain physical particularities or behavior. ”White nose”, ”Wide forehead” or ”Big momma’s cub” were just three of the 7 bears that arrived during that evening. For instance, ”Big momma” was a mother bear which gave birth to four cubs every time. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago. Another bear which came just a few meters in front of us was a 22 year old male, weighing around 400 kilograms.

All of our three guests were amazed and will surely never forget the experience, judging by their reviews on our TripAdvisor page.

Inside the bear hide

As far as we’re concerned, we are welcoming everybody to our bear watching tours, as well as at our other nature, hiking, cycling and cultural tours.

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