Winter hike in Romania – March 1st in Baiului mountains

The first day of March surprised us with exceptionally good weather, so we decided to take advantage of the clear sky and went on a relaxing winter hike in Romania, near Bucegi mountains.

We left Brasov early and took a morning train to Azuga, from where our hike commenced. After a short and easy climb, we were seeing the first glimpses of the warming sun.

Sunrise in the forest

After a short photo break, we continued our winter hike in Romania through a thick fir forest, home to a large population of bears. Once we reached the treeline, we finally had our first views of the beautiful and majestic Bucegi mountains.

Winter hike in Romania - view over Bucegi mountains

We could see the Clăbucetul Taurului peak (1520m) but the landscape forced us to stop every now and then to take photos. After all, we couldn’t miss the morning light. The snow was perfect and from time to time, we saw some animals tracks cutting the white perfection of the snow.

View over Baiului mountains

As we climbed over the peak, Postăvaru and Piatra Mare mountains began to be visible, as well as the saddle where Gârbova chalet is situated, our destination for this winter hike.

Winter hike in Romania - view over Postavaru and Piatra Mare moutains

After a well deserved early lunch at Gârbova chalet, we continued down to Predeal and took an afternoon train back to Brasov.

Pancakes at Garbova Chalet

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