Best bear watching experience in Brașov

Area: The forests around Brașov

Difficulty level: Easy

Departure dates: Monday to Saturday from mid March to late October

Number of participants: 2-16

Trip duration: 3-4 hours

Required gear: Sturdy hiking shoes, warm clothes.

Do not dress in bright colors, do not use perfume and please do not bring any kind of food / sweets / snacks with you.

As this experience is very popular among tourists, we recommend contacting us to book a tour.


In the evening, you will arrive at a designated place near Brașov. From here, you will be escorted by a specialized ranger and you will get into a 4×4 vehicle that will take you deep into the forest. Before reaching the bear hide you have another 10 minutes of hiking. When you finally arrive at the hide, settle in and wait quietly for the bears to arrive.

Enjoy these magnificent animals in their natural habitat and seize the opportunity to take some photos  or videos with their behavior. If you are lucky, you can see also wild boars, deers, foxes and why not, lynx or wolves.

In the end of the tour you will get back to the cars and return to Brașov.

The entire activity is about 3 hours long and usually takes place between 6 PM to 9 PM, from Monday to Saturday.

As this is a very popular activity among tourists it is better to book in advance.

Rates: 45€ / person

The transport to / from the meeting point with the ranger is not included.

For an extra fee we can arrange this transport. Please contact us for more details.