Winter bear watching in Brasov. To book or not to book?

Looking for a winter bear watching tour in Brasov? Even if it can be quite cold in the winter months, there are still some chances to see the brown bears.

Situated inside the Carpathian mountains, Brasov is a top destination, if you want to visit Romania. No matter the season, Brasov has unique places to explore and things to do.

And there’s one more thing that Brasov has and in quite big numbers: bears. Specifically, brown bears. Ursus arctos arctos, as scientists call it. We have so many that we even named one of our beers after the bear.

Normally, between November and March, the bears are hibernating. It’s their normal behavior. Their body temperature lowers and their vital functions are reduced. However, due to climate change and warmer winters, they are more active during the winter than many years ago.

Wiinter bear watching in Brasov - Brown bear in snow

This is why we can see the bears even during the colder months. We have to be honest, the chances are quite low but if it happens, the photos can be quite spectacular. The contrast between the bright snow and the dark fur looks splendid. And if you are lucky to see a mother with cubs, then it can get a lot more interesting.

Therefore, we continue to offer you the chance to spot the bears from a safe bear hide, even during the cold months, in our winter bear watching tours.

Book a tour now or contact us if your selected dates are not available.

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